2014 Chinese New Year Message from Gyalwai Nyugu

2014CNYMsgTo all my Dharma friends, my disciples from China and around the world:

Happy Chinese New Year! Tashi Deleg!

2014 is the year of the Wood Horse. Now that the new year has arrived, I would like to wish you and all sentient beings auspiciousness, peace and happiness!

By reviewing the past year, please appraise yourselves honestly and sincerely to see if you have accomplished anything that benefits others or yourself? Have your qualities of compassion and wisdom increased or have they diminished?

At this moment, please reflect honestly and clearly! Exactly what has been done in this life that can be used to achieve anything that is beneficial to mankind or sentient beings? Are you living according to the teachings of the Guru Triple Gems and free of any contradiction?

Looking forward into the new year, please urge yourselves to diligently improve, to persevere in being virtuous in both your state of mind and in all your activities, to work tirelessly when it comes to benefitting others and to endeavor ceaselessly in your listening, contemplation and meditation practices. Worldly and spiritual life should be merged without any distinction.

Whether you are a religious person or not, whether you are a Buddhist or not, one thing is undeniable – we all co-exist on this planet and live together under the same sky. Everyone and everything in this universe belongs to one family and is interdependent.  If we can understand this, then we know that harmony with our natural environment and world peace should be of deep concern for everyone. We have to learn to collaborate and take up this responsibility personally. Another indisputable fact is that a person’s greed, anger, ignorance, pride, jealousy, maliciousness and competitiveness are the fundamental causes that trigger wars and disasters. Everyone has to pay the price and bear the consequence for their actions. If everyone’s mind possesses more kindness, compassion and joy, then this warmth will dissolve the barriers between human beings.

In this new year, I wish that all the worries, sorrow, mental afflictions will be completely cleansed and transformed with the turning of the wheel of time. May everyone utilize their lives positively to treat those beings around them well. May every corner of this world be filled with the light and love of kindness and compassion. May your careers, lives, faith and Dharma path continually progress to greater heights!

May the Buddha bless and protect all of you!  May all positive aspirations be fulfilled! May you quickly attain realization!

(All rights reserved. Translated by International Buddha Bud Translation Society.)

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Launch of the New Official English Website

On this date, 19th Sep 2013 (15th Day of the 8th Month on the Tibetan calendar), we are pleased to announce the opening of the new official Gyalwai Nyugu English website:


Gyalwai Nyugu will share some of his enlightening teachings, activities, compassion, wisdom and methods in order to help open and transform our hearts, bringing benefit to everyone and enriching our world.


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In memory of the 3rd anniversary of Lama Achuk Rinpoche passing into parinirvana

Today is the 23th day of the 5th month on the Tibetan calendar, the auspicious nirvana day of His Holiness Jamyang Lungdok Gyaltsen or Lama Achuk Rinpoche. The seven days of Patriarch Puja at Yachen Gar is also the Offering Puja in memory of the third anniversary of Lama Achuk Rinpoche passing into parinirvana. Disciples pray, their hearts filled with devotion, calling sincerely for the swift rebirth of Lama Achuk Rinpoche! Lama Chenno!

(All rights reserved. Translated by International Buddha Bud Translation Society.) 


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Gyalwai Nyugu’s message regarding Apr 20 earthquake in Sichuan Ya’an

A magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Ya’an in Sichuan China  this morning.  Disasters occur very suddenly and  without warning. Suddenly mountains shake and the earth cracks, houses and buildings collapse, roads are destroyed. People fearing for their lives crying out for help, struggling and enduring unspoken pain and suffering . I could not subdue my tears when seeing the photos of each terrifying scene that appeared on the Internet. As a devoted Buddhist, this made me acutely aware of the fact that life is so vulnerable when faced by the forces of nature! Once together, once smiling, once lively, and in the blink of an eye, separated permanently. So sudden the change between life and death. Let us all light up our lamps, in remembrance for the lives lost. May the light and the warmth light up the path ahead, to overcome this crisis. Disasters are ruthless. Great love has no boundaries. While we are unable to prevent disasters from happening, maybe what we are able to offer is very limited, but with the sincerity we pray for those who are affected by this disaster. May we light an eternal light in their hearts.
(All rights reserved. Translated by International Buddha Bud Translation Society.)


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Buddha’s love

“The Buddha’s heart is passionate!” Buddha teaches us, love that has selfishness and attachment is the basis of samsara; love that has equality and compassion is the cause to liberation and nirvana. It is not about not loving, it is about spreading out the love and giving to all sentient beings! May you become a disseminator of Buddha’s love!

(All rights reserved. Translated by International Buddha Bud Translation Society.)



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Who is spinning?

“The six realms of beings are vivid in the dreams; but when awakened, the billions of worlds and universe are nothing but just emptiness.” ~~ From the most ultimate standpoint, ignorance doesn’t exist. It is just like when we are sitting on the fast spinning disc in the amusement park, looking out at the surroundings, the sky and the earth, all spinning non-stop; thinking that the world must have a beginning and an end, that time must have a first and an after. The awakened person is one who gets off the spinning disc and finds out that in this moment, it is actually not the world that is spinning, but oneself!

(All rights reserved. Translated by International Buddha Bud Translation Society.)


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Open our hearts to sentient beings

Even if sentient beings in samsara have hurt us or betrayed us, we should have this thought in our minds: because of their help, I am able to perfect the path of Buddhadharma. Therefore we should view them with an open mind and a lovingkindness heart, reaching out to them with tolerance and wisdom, where selfish and hatred is no more.

(All rights reserved. Translated by International Buddha Bud Translation Society.)

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